Key Ingredients Missing from Remote Onboarding Programs


Employees who were hired in the pandemic are struggling to fit into companies’ cultures, but the fact of the matter is that not a lot of employers are observing these patterns. 

This resulting in 34% less employee recognition compared to employees in 2019, also these employees are 20% more likely to not acknowledge company values.

This unobserved problem can be taken care of by placing management’s attention on your organization’s mission and values and investing in a mentoring program.

When Covid 19 hit many companies had to learn how to work remotely, and that included onboarding new hires in a remote manner as well. Although new hires are saying they are happy with their overall onboarding, their behavior is proving otherwise. Some can blame lockdown or work from home for this because it’s difficult to have small chats on non-work items when colleagues are far from each other.

With employees being away from colleagues and working from home they can also drift from company values and fall into their own value system as they become more and more unfamiliar with what the company set as values.

Newly hired employees will not develop the habit of working in a team because they will be trained to work by themselves to undergo the requirements of remote working.

With all these changes that Covid 19 brought, it is guaranteed that remote-only, remote-first, and hybrid jobs will definitely increase as this becomes the new norm as companies start waving out traditional office work.

There are two major things that companies can do to minimize employees not being aligned with the value system of the company and help employees feel more part of the company. They are Emphasizing organizational values and creating a mentoring program.

When talking about Emphasizing organizational values it is proven that employees’ identification with organizational values is associated with increased frequency of recognition given to their peers.

Therefore a few ways to reinforce company values are repeating values during all-hands meetings and emphasizing the real-life experiences of people who have demonstrated those values, going over examples of values in action in company communications, and Providing rewards to individuals who live out company values externally to customers and internally to employees.

When it comes to creating a mentoring program, there are a few things to take in place as mentoring has positive effects on work performance, interpersonal relationships, career success, and many other work-relevant end results.

When onboarding new employees it is very important to take all of these things into consideration so that they can feel as welcome as possible and 100% part of the team, this inevitably increases their productivity and boosts employee satisfaction which makes the company a better place to work at.


Adapted by Peter-John Saal                                                                     12/02/2021